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As a family of five, well, now six (we just had another baby girl), making and preparing school lunches for at least three of our kids in the morning was a time-consuming and stressful task.


You must pre-determine what you would like to make to your kids, while also keeping in mind that you need to prepare something they will eat and is well-balanced. And, while you are rushing to finish each lunch, you will be dirtying countless pots, pans, and utensils — all of which you will later have to clean. Worse, all of this work does not ensure that your child will indeed eat their meal. If the lunch is rushed or smashed between the time you make the meal and when they sit down to eat it, your child could look at the lunch with disgust and throw it away


Other times, you will be so tired to do it all over and over again that you just prepared the usual ham and cheese or peanut-butter-jelly sandwich, and still have the guilty feeling of not giving your kids the healthy and well-prepared meals they deserve.

So, we were struggling to find a way to fix this problem for all of us parents. And so, the solution came to our minds and Smart Snackz was born.

Smart Snackz makes school lunches easy by sending you ready-to-eat lunches that are pre-packaged in plant-based compostable containers. We are responsible for cooking and preparing the meals, you don’t have to lift a finger in your kitchen. We deliver it right to your door, you will have no need to drive to the grocery store to purchase your needed ingredients.

Because you won’t have to make the lunches, your mornings can be reserved for spending time with your kids, making them breakfast, and preparing them for school. Ensuring that you're able to spend more quality time with your family, in those precious early hours of the day is what we strive for. Smart Snackz is dedicated to sending you nutritious meals for your children, in the hopes that you all can benefit from smarter, more balanced school lunch meals.

The time we are saving in preparing our kids lunches has given us more relaxed and joyful mornings. We share the time to talk about school, friends and experiences. The time spent with our kids making memories won’t come back. 

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