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Get your family mornings back!


Ensuring that you're able to spend more quality time with your family, in those precious early hours of the day is what we strive for. Smart Snackz is dedicated to sending you nutritious meals for your children, in the hopes that you all can benefit from smarter, more balanced school lunch meals. There's no need to reheat the food. All of our meals are fully cooked and ready to be enjoy cold. 

Learn More About Our process:

1.) You choose a plan!

Select the plan that best suits your family. Our plans range from one, two or three children. When you register for how many children you will be ordering for, you can also decide if the meal plan is for one week, one month or a three-month period. We charge your card on file per week, so don’t worry about being charged one lump sum for an entire month or three-month delivery period. Order by Tuesday midnight for next weekend delivery. Our plans are very flexible, modify, add or cancel at any time!

2.) We do the work!

We do all the menu planning and shopping for groceries — you don’t worry about a thing! Smart Snackz is also responsible for cooking and preparing your delicious meals in our commercial kitchen. So, you have no need to scramble around in your own kitchen to make your kid’s lunches.

3.) We Pack!

We pack each meal in an individual biodegradable tray. We also pack the trays in insulated totes with enough cold packs to keep your food fresh until you get home. All our totes and cold packs are reusable and, we collect them on your next delivery, so you never have to worry about accumulating ice packs in your refrigerator.

4.) We deliver!

Once a week we deliver right to your door! And, don’t worry about not being home, our insulated totes will keep your food fresh until you get back to pick them up. On the day of your next delivery place the totes and cold packs outside, and we will happily we’ll collect them! Deliveries will normally be on a weekend day.

5.) Your Family Enjoys!

Get your family quality time back. Let your children enjoy our wide variety of meals and more time to play! No heating necessary!


What's included in your delivery:

Amazing food:

We offer a wide variety of delicious and fun meals for your children to enjoy the whole week. We use only the best ingredients, made fresh just for your kids!

Handled with love:

We prepare and pack each meal in our commercial kitchen and deliver them to your home by our own employees in our refrigerated vans.

Environmentally friendly:

We deliver your meals in biodegradable trays and in returnable insulated totes and cold packs. We collect your totes and cold packs on your next delivery, just place them in front of your front door!

Freshness guaranteed:

Each tote contains five meals per children, enough cold packs to keep your food fresh until you place them in your refrigerator and information about our meals. Do not reheat! All of our meals are made to be enjoy cold. We recommend using an insulated lunchbox and an ice pack to keep the meals as fresh as possible until they are enjoyed.

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Our meals are made with the freshest ingredients

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