It’s lunchbox season again – 3 lunchbox ideas from the experts

Are you coming back from summer break and feel happy about getting to the daily routine, kids going to school, extracurricular activities and playdates and all of that? Did you suddenly realize that is also a lot of work for you and concerns about what your kids are eating?

Well, first of all, not everything is hard work and concerns. For us it is a matter of nutrition, variety and fulfillment to see our kids grow and be well nourished. Work with the possibilities and trying to make lunchboxes nutritious enough, big enough and of course tasteful enough to be enjoyed by them.

As a working mother, first days of school bring me all those desires to be the Pinterest mom and have everything neat and ready for them to enjoy, but as days passed by it is becoming more and more difficult, time consuming and less creative.

That is why we wanted to share with you some ideas we used to include in our kids’ lunchboxes, that later became part of Smart Snackz menus, they can be useful for you and if you don’t feel like you have the time, ingredients and shopping list at hand, we can do it for you, well just give us a call.  

No more sandwiches. We all know the typical PB Jelly sandwich, it contains the protein, the dairy, the fruit, etc…but do kids like it? Let’s face it: Slapping the same day after day, week after week — can leave kids and parents a little uninterested. So what else can we do?

1.   Food on Sticks

Everything is more fun on a stick. Main dish: Think chicken satay, Hawaiian chicken or beef skewers packed on lunchbox-sized sticks for kids. Use fresh organic and with no antibiotics grilled chicken, pineapples and sweet peppers to make it more tasteful and colorful. Pack with: fruity jell-o and some cheese and crackers to finish up a great lunch/meal.



2.   Wraps

Ham and cheese pinwheels are a flavorful, fresh and a healthy recipe for packing into lunchboxes, both for work and school. Main dish: Wraps are easy to make and so yummy in wheat tortillas that are filled with cream cheese, provolone cheese and turkey ham. Pack with: Remember to add some grape tomatoes and pineapple as dessert.

3.   Quesadillas

They’re kid favorites for a reason — and they don’t need to be hot to be delicious. Main dish: Filled with plain Mexican mix cheese, pulled chicken and beans, the quesadilla is whatever you want to make of it. You can use wheat tortillas to make them even healthier. Pack with: Avocado slices or a tasty guacamole to give the finish touch to the meal. Do not forget to pack a fruit for dessert like a fresh plum or apricot.

We hope that these ideas give you some hints on your lunchboxes, and remember if you prefer, we can always help prepare those diverse, tasteful and healthy meals for your kids.

Leave us a comment and let us know how it all worked out for you.

Happy Back-to-School season!

Sincerely yours,

Smart Snackz family

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