Eat Right and Fight Against Childhood Obesity With Smart Snackz

September is National Childhood Obesity Month

One in six children are obese in America — that is 17 percent! This is a serious issue that need to be addressed, but unfortunately, not a lot can be done about the situation. Why? Because, ultimately, what a child eats and participates in is their parents’ choice. For example, a parent is responsible for feeding and caring for their own child, which means they have a say in what their child does. A big problem with childhood obesity is that it rarely ends with just the child — meaning the parents are most likely unhealthy as well. Parents don’t have complete dietary control; however, schools are also very responsible for the quality and quantity of food they feed students. But, in most cases, schools feed children less-than-healthy meals in order to cut costs and provide a meal that the children will actually want to eat for lunch.

Smart Snackz a Better Kid’s Lunch Alternative

We have seen this cycle of bad diet choices play out over and over again, which is why Smart Snackz was created. Smart Snackz is a meal delivery service that allows parents to have ready-made meals delivered right to their front door. Instead of feeding your kids foods that you don’t know where they are made and what ingredients are in them, you can have delicious meals served to your home. With each of our meals, you will get a full list of all ingredients used to make each meal. That means no more guessing or wondering what your child is eating; all the information is upfront! Smart Snackz listens to your comments and wishes for your child’s diet and offers you lunches pre-made for them to take to school.

Digestion and Choosing the Right Types of Food

Obesity can be a combination of things that make it difficult for your child to live a healthy life. For one, what they eat at home can affect them in terms of weight. For instance, if you feed your kids greasy, fat-rich foods right before bed, their metabolisms hasn’t worked fast enough to digest their food. What happens is that those fats are then left on the body and cause your children to gain fat. Eating a well-balanced meal at all times of the day is important, but is also important to make sure your child is allowed free movement after every meal. Movement helps stimulate the digestive tract, helping your child digest their food and convert it into energy. As a parent, it is important to keep in mind that you have the ability to change your child’s health. By offering them healthier meals for both lunch and dinner, you will be able to control what they are eating. Also, by giving them more nutritious options, they will be able to burn off those foods and use the nutrients to fuel their bodies. Sugar- and fat-rich foods have been proven to have poor effects on a developing brain. Though the school systems are aware of this, there are still items being sold in school cafeterias that are filled with unhealthy ingredients. By giving yourself more control over your child’s diet, you can ensure that they are eating the right types of foods that will benefit their bodies and brains.

Better Options Lead to Changed Minds

It may not seem like a big deal, but being able to know what your child is eating will give you a better idea of their health and nutrition levels. If you know they are eating well-balanced meals, then you know they aren’t at risk of malnutrition. Also, most children don’t know about the importance of nutrition for their bodies, so, as a parent, you have to guide them to learn about a proper diet. Without this education, your children could grow up with no understanding about their own nutrition, metabolism, etc. When people don’t fully comprehend how the food they eat affects their bodies, they have a tendency to overeat or eat something they shouldn’t. This, of course, leads to weight gain.

Smart Snackz

Smart Snackz gives parents an easy outlet to find well-balanced meals for their children’s lunches. Our meal program ensures that your children get the meals their bodies and brains need to succeed. To learn more about our meal plans, contact us.

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