Coming back from Spring Break - 5 tips to make your mornings easier!

Coming back from spring break or any break is always tough. You just had a week without school, exams, lunchbox prepping, early mornings, etc. But here comes the great news, you are getting back to normal.

Meaning you start organizing again and waking up early every day. Here are 5 easy tips you can use to start again after your spring break…without being stressed out and feeling you are falling through the cracks.

Tip 1. Plan Ahead

Every night we ask our kids to check their schedules and find out what the next day will bring (teaching them to get themselves organized). If they need to pack for certain classes, sports, music or any activity they have for afterschool.

All schedules are hanging on our fridge, so they know what to expect for the next day and plan.

Setting the breakfast table after dinner also helps. It gives us the idea on what we could be having for breakfast and to go and sit right away.

Tip 2. Set a routine.

Every morning we wake up at the same time. For us 6:45 am works. Our kids know, who goes first in the bathroom and what the others must do in the meantime. So, no struggling on who wants to go “LAST” this time….and if they do want to change, we have a game of numbers: the one that guesses the number that daddy or mommy has in their heads, is the one going first. Winner? well, it depends on how you look at things 😉

We have breakfast together everyday. And since we have everything planned it is a peaceful time, when we are all fresh and can talk and enjoy.

Tip 3. Involve Your Spouse and kids

House chores are family chores. Is not a mom thing, is not a dad thing and is not a kid thing. It is a FAMILY thing. One theme that we always remind our kids is that at our home we “help each other” and that we work as a team and that we all have different responsibilities.

It is amazing how kids get it. Even if they are very young, I remember that one of ours was about 5 years and lost the Christmas tree lights remote. At that early age, our kid came and said, “mommy, in this home we help each other, right?” and I said…” aja, why?” …..”because I need your help finding the remote pleaseee”. This was so sweet, I was really surprised that they learnt it and they know when to ask for help and also offer it.

This also helps for relationship building and save time.

Tip 4. Rest and Relax

Several parents feel exhausted at the end of the week, and they would do anything for just a little more sleep.  With my spouse we trade Saturdays and Sundays for longer sleep, that one day could give you all the energy you need to survive the whole next week.

If you are the kind of person that don’t need too much sleep, then find some relaxing time for yourself, go for a run, try a Zumba class, or even change your room around. This can help you feel refreshed and motivated.

Tip 5. Be Present

Finally, "BE PRESENT”. Social media and technology in general can abstract us from the real world (and the people) that surround us. This is huge these days as you are coming back from vacations and want to see what everybody was up to.

Try to log less time into your devices and enjoy more time with your people around. These moments are not coming back so enjoy them as much as you can. Every day your kids are older than the day before so enjoy every minute you can.

We hope that these tips were helpful in adjusting back to normal after spring break (or any break you had). Leave us a comment and let us know what has worked for you.

Sincerely yours,

Smart Snackz family



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